Informing The Gender

By M’s Roni,

“Contributing Author”

Sometimes it pays to get information from the other gender.

I’m sure you ladies have heard from your other half about the advice my other half shares, usually about how to stay out of the dog house.

I am turning the wheel in a different direction however

The other day Larry and I were talking as we enjoyed our morning cup of coffee together. We were discussing World Events when out of the blue Larry begins telling me about guys in Europe having female robots.  He said they are beautiful, work hard to please their man, do all the daily chores and at the end of the day when night shadows fall she cuddles close and never complains about having a headache. Now these dependable, beautiful, long suffering, and free from all unfavorable incidents or  “even headaches” are not yet completed , as I was just informed.  However, I have also been informed by my dearest that men are chewing at the bit to get their hands on one of these wonderful bags of wires, bolts and bytes,who is every man’s dream come true

A woman who is up bright and early wearing only a short gingham apron around her perfectly formed body, preparing his breakfast, serving him a cup of hot brew and a glass of his favorite juice while he lingers in bed still salivating about the romantic, long legged, buxom woman wearing only her light olive skin, glistening from the sweet smelling oil she applied just before lowering herself into his bed. This rag-tag creature from cyber space has no scruples. She is playing in the same bed this man once shared with his wife.

After he showers he dresses in the clothing she has meticulously placed on the bed for him.  She, with precision movements prepares his food and places his to order eggs bacon and a fruit bowl lnfront of him. He doesn’t have to ask for a second cup of coffee, she already has it poured and placed on the table. Imagine that!

She rushes to get dressed before he finishes his meal so she can stand faithfully by the door like a stray dog, until he has his overcoat on, his briefcase in hand, and then in her raspy voice she tells him to have a good day.  She tippy toes to give him a good bye kiss.

She shops early at the local grocery store in order to find the freshest cuts of meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. On her way home she stops by the local car wash and has the car detailed. She stops by the dry-cleaners and grabs His suits . She checks her memory board to make sure she’s forgotten nothing.  When he returns home to an immaculate house, his bath is drawn. She bathes him, wraps him in a terry cloth robe and leads him to the dining room table where she serves him an eloquent

meal with his favorite glass of wine. She is wearing a French hostess outfit, her wavy dark hair pulled seductively to one side. She bends slightly in front of him, exposing her cleavage.

He saves money because he never has to take her out on a date night. She never complains about not having the latest clothing, jewelry or gadgets. She is priceless.

I have been told some men are planning on divorcing their wives and getting their dibs in on one of these wire heads before the ink dries on the divorce papers.

If Europe has them on the assembly line,it won’t be long before they plug in (punt intended) to the US of A.

I cannot possibly keep up with this mechanical nympho, built to order, who still has time to run errands, cook meals, clean house and romp in the bed room; without love, care, expectations or hope.

As I said earlier, this should be a concern to every depraved housewife who sometimes has headaches, or even backaches from working both inside and outside the home, who runs errands, cares for the children and somehow finds time to spend some playtime with hubby…but I be damn if I am going to bathe a grown man and wrap him in a terry cloth robe. He is grown, let him do some things for himself…however, I am not a jealous woman, but at this point I am concerned, knowing that for just a few thousand dollars I can be replaced by a mechanical bimbo who needs plugged into a circuit in order to get plugged.  Don’t you ladies feel we have concerns?

What an insult to the female gender!! Are you ladies pondering what our humanistic instincts are telling us? We need to quickly encourage our loved ones to get off the grid…you know, return to primitive times…no electricity! Are you getting my drift? Let me know how it works out for you. I refuse to allow a programmed , over sexed robot take my place. Action ladies! I will pull her hair out by the roots…I mean wires.

Happy New Year y’all.

May I Walk With You

By L. M. O’Neal

“I may not have been the most sensitive when things got rough last year and I may not have always seen things the way you did but, I never stopped loving you for being who you are.”

Hey Guys, READ THE ABOVE SENTENCE AGAIN. This is where you want to be with your wife or girlfriend. Let’s break it down.

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If you are a productive man, meaning you don’t sit around waiting for the BMW to magically appear in your driveway, you are out there in the crap making things happen. You are aware of her needs, your needs and the kid’s needs, all at the same time. All of this goes on in your head while getting the job done. But here is the down side.

Does she know, she is always on your mind? Did you tell her she is your number one? Have you shown her where she fits into your world and life?

Let’s take question One. Does she know she is always on your mind? Yes, it sounds like a line out of a song you heard someplace. But, “does she know?”

No matter where you heard it from, if it has not been done, you have committed a foul in your relationship with her. She needs to be told, with the words out of your mouth, “Never ever leave me. You Are MY WORLD.” Because, if she is not in your life, how much life will you have.

Man up and face reality. That woman is the reason you are half way sane in this idiot infested world.

Second question; Do you tell her she is your number 1? If not, why not. Do you really think she couldn’t have someone else, other than you?

Here again is reality. You also, can be replaced. No matter how much money you have, how handsome you are, how detailed you abs, no matter who you “think you are”; you are replaceable. That means treat her like you are honored she chose you by telling her she is your number 1. Always remember, “If she is not your number 1, why is she wasting her life with an ungrateful mutant like you.” Think about it.

Question three; have you shown her where she fits in your world? She fits in nearly every place. Remember this life changing fact: “Men only need a place, Women Need a Reason.” They do what they do because…

Hey guys get a grip. Women love flowers or candy, or time together, or time to reflect, or time to smell the flowers, or time to eat the candy, or time to talk, or time to think, and TIME TO LOVE.

If she loves you, she is investing herself into the greatest or the worst return she will ever invest in. Remember also children grow up and leave, or we hope they do. A mate or spouse is supposed to be in it for the long haul. If you are all in, show and tell her. If not, get the hell out of her life and let her move on to a real man for her. Happy Valentine.




January TORN Newsletter


January 2017




It Stands;

The American Flag

Why We Can Be This Way


It Stands: The American Flag

In twilight of dawn, an American flag responds to a gentle morning breeze. Fifty stars evenly and equally placed on a field of dark blue, precede and stand above stripes of red and white. All prominent, powerful and proper in their placement and representation, yet for the country it represents, something is wrong, and much is missing.

In brightness of daylight, our flag has stood offering itself as a symbol of hope, promise and refuge for all Americans, and the world. In the fading light of evening when people have both slowed their active day or begin it anew; it has stood.

In the latest of nights and the darkest of hours for the minds, bodies and souls of the individuals in this great country, and around the world; it stood. When prayer and hope was all that remained, far out distancing all indignities, insults, illegalities, and betrayals, many of us have turned to look upward seeking the grace, forgiveness, and assurance of GOD first. Secondly, seeking the comfort and determination found in recognition and identifying with “OLD GLORY” as it stands a symbol and beacon for freedom and liberty; to be seen and admired or cursed by any and all; it stands. Through bullets and bombs, attacks abroad and domestic, social upheavals and political betrayals, it continues to wave and bellow with the winds of time and say to us all, GOD AND I are still here with you.

Suspended upon a pole and secure by rope, wire, or by any other means, hangs the flag of our country. Plastered to wall plaques, bumper stickers, fronts and rears of vehicles, T-shirts, underwear, in places and ways to numerous to name, it still stands representing freedom and independence. Waving quietly, but boldly through battles of blood, battles of hope, battles for dreams, it now stands in defiance of tyranny and corruption occurring within our own borders.

But, what does this flag representing The United States of America really mean? Ask this question to any person in the world, and you will receive many different answers. Answers from their hearts ranging from extreme raging hatred up to and through a tearful pleading hope for access into this; the greatest country in the world.

It represents the determination of the rejected and casting away of peoples from different countries in the inception of this nation. It represents the bravery and determination to conquer an entire mass of land and bring it under one control, while allowing for the liberty and growth of the individual. It represents independence and proof of the power of that independence through the creativity of the individual, when un-stifled by governmental interferences. It represents the true nature of a good people through the fair and equal applications of justice for all, and not restricted and conditionalized by the amount and value

of ones self and property. It represents the power of believing in the divinity of GOD THE ALMIGHTY, and an understanding by the majority that GOD is in all things and all things are within GOD. It represents an understanding that, true royalty is within every man, woman, and child, and not in a title or class bestowed on a person, family or group, by mere mortals. It represents the GOD given right to be right, or to be wrong, and to face the consequences of being wrong, or receiving the benefits of being right. It represents the power and rightness of a constitution freeing the people to be themselves, with limited restrictions, and limiting the actions and authority of the Federal Government to interject its will onto the people by usurping the authority of the individual states.

All that is good, just, fair, and honest, represented by our flag is today, under attack. Outside and inside our borders are religions, nations, and people using our constitution, our governments, and our laws to undermine and destroy our country. They individually, and as a group are attacking the very country with a constitution and bill of rights allowing its citizens the right to object to the actions and laws imposed on its citizens; and to do so openly.

They are trying to change that openness of the government guaranteed by our constitution, into a system that is close to, and away from the eyes and will of its people. This style of government makes the populous subject to the will of a few people in positions of power within the government, with attitudes approved by the government and affiliations in agreement with the government. Following this line of thought and action, the free people of this nation will quickly find themselves in service to the government, rather than the government in service to the people.

The flag of the United States, has flown for our country while its government and citizens engage in evil and despicable acts. Acts sponsored and sanctioned by people motivated to their own self-interest, and personal gain. Practicing and imposing slavery on people of color and those they wished to silence; piracies of all kinds and in all manners upon any people or persons, and a host of other physical atrocities. And yet “Old Glory” continues to elicit The Pledge of Allegiance.

After all that has been done in the United States to its own citizens, by its citizens and government, what would give a depressed, or suppressed, and even the deprived a desire to look up at the flag of the United States? Because those of us who understand and believe, know what the flag means. We know it is the symbol of hope and promise. We appreciate the lives that have been given for this great country’s existence. We know The United States of America is the last refuge for Hope, Liberty, and Freedom. Is this country a utopia on earth? No it is not. But, beyond the flags which hang from flag poles, is The One and Only GOD ALMIGHTY. And as long as we keep our eyes looking upward; through the flag and to our Lord God, we will always have hope for a better tomorrow. Utopia that is a land of fiction, fantasy, and make-believe, but if any land on this earth were to be considered such a place it would be THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN.



© November 2009 L. M. O’Neal



Obamas’ Real Legacy

By L. M. O’Neal

History has a way of relaying the past in changing lights of a kaleidoscope. For the winners, it often recants the steps to victory that were taken. For the losers, the agony of defeat is retold to the delight and specifications of the winners. So, what will history say about Obama?

Other than the rudimentary details such as his date of birth or the fact that he was actually born, may in fact be the limit of accuracy. The “where” of his birth is still a question in the minds of millions of Americans. But, he’s the First Black President, right?

That is also open for debate. He was born from the union of a white mother and black father. This is what’s being said, but is it accurate? The man accused of fathering Barrack Hussein Obama, claimed not to be married to an American White Woman while attending classes at the college in Hawaii. Well maybe he forgot.

However, he has a law degree and license, right? That is past tense, “he had a law license”, it was surrendered to escape prosecution. So, he has a law degree, but no license and neither does his wife, for the same reason.

Okay, he became President of the United States and won the Nobel Prize.

That is correct, he did. Yes he did get elected President of the United States however, his Nobel Prize has a problem. According to the spokesman for the Nobel Prize Committee, “…this is for the work he is about to do…” Look it up, that’s what was said. So, what was he about to do???  Bring America Down.

The Obama Legacy will be revisited many times in future newsletters so a lengthy recanting of Americas’ most ineffective President Failures will surely wait until a later time. Happy New Year.

Yes, a Happy New Year it is, but not for those wanting freebies and the big easy. An America under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump is very likely to be an American of Less freebies and more opportunities to earn your way up.



What Is She Looking For In A Man


Single women and some not single, are out in the world working, playing and just living. In this post, I am asking for help. I want to know 10 things women are looking for in a man.

This is a simple question and I want real responses. There are millions of guys out their hoping to gain the attention of a specific woman or type of woman. One of these guys wants to be; YOUR GUY.  This post is designed to offer them a little more help.

Please post your responses in comments. If you want your response kept private, just say so by writing “silent” and it will be between you and me. If it’s really helpful, I’ll find a way to work the suggestion into a future post.


By L. M. O’Neal


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The Big day is here. Now, turn down or off your cell phones and spend quality time with your family and friends. If you are alone, go find some people and stop acting like the world has done you a Great dis-service. Unless you are homebound, injail or bed ridden, it is likely mainly your fault you are alone. Suck it up, say I’m sorry and enjoy the season. Remember, CHRISTMAS IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. REMEMBER THAT.

What Is She Looking For In A Man

Single women and some not single, are out in the world working, playing and just living. In this post, I am asking for help. I want to know 10 things women are looking for in a man.

This is a simple question and I want real responses. There are millions of guys out their hoping to gain the attention of a specific woman or type of woman. One of these guys wants to be; YOUR GUY.  This post is designed to offer them a little more help.

Please post your responses in comments. If you want your response kept private, just say so by writing “silent” and it will be between you and me. If it’s really helpful, I’ll find a way to work the suggestion into a future post.

L. M. O’Neal / admin



Questionable in his intent and lost in dedicated focus, man moves in a defined and deadly direction toward his own destruction. Little can be done to deter this direction due to the fortification and folly of one’s own lowly self-serving nature. Autonomy in the philosophical sense, suffers the threat of animalization or annihilation if certain absolutes are not recognized and adhered to by the individual.

Absolutes such as “GOD the All Mighty is real and omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient”, challenges and destroy the theory of relativism simply because relativism is fluid and can be molded to fit, or not fit any “immoral” objective decided upon by mortal man. By declaring, “There is NO GOD”, man offers palatable excuses to be as inhuman, and spiritually perverse as can be imagined, without fear of spiritual repercussions.

If man chooses to believe “There is NO GOD”, individually or as a societal collective, theoretical disruptions and chaos becomes reality. Detrimental ancient beliefs or opinions may again gain prominence such as, “There is no right or wrong; good or bad; him or her; yours or mine, etc., eventually justifying a position of no boundaries for the individual or countries, thus eradicating individuality and identity. Furthermore, Christianity is reduced in statue and respect to just another spiritual experience rather the ultimate. Such demeaning and undermining robs man of the only real and true path by accepting Jesus Christ as any individuals personal savior.

Though a certain degree of comfort and unaccountability will accompany such beliefs, real consequences and real accountability will remain. No ideology has the ability to remove a person from inevitable real consequences of their actions. Volumes of man-made laws will not protect an individual, a family, community or nation from ultimate accountability. Both real consequences and accountability have a natural ability to find “its” guilty party no matter the location of the individual.

Acceptance of a “NO GOD” relativism doctrine degrades man as a whole placing all living things on an equal footing. This position is dangerous simply because devalued human beings can easily be minimized and equalized to animals. Such ranking arrangements, promotes the slippery step into treating people like animals and animals like people.