What You Gonna’ Do

Springtime has arrived, now what are you going to do about those extra pounds? You could try dieting, for the ten-thousandth time. Think it might work? Maybe, but only if you change a few of your eating habits like, cut out the junk food. How about eating one less meal a day? Not even I like skipping meals, so let’s skip that idea.

How about walking a little more? You do understand, we are a ride society. If the store is a half block away, we are likely to jump in the car to go 3000 feet. Get off you fat buns and walk.

But, what if it kills me or makes me sick? If walking a half block makes you sick, you were sick before you started because you should have been doing that before. But, back to food.

We adults over 40, can not eat as though we were 20. No matter the sex, we have changed and do not process food the same as we always did. The higher up the age latter we get, the closer we must watch how and what we eat. A seafood diet is not a SEE FOOD AND EAT IT DIET.

Not all foods will digest well with all people. If something is not digesting well with you, stop eating it. The people around you would really appriciate it.

Take a few minutes and consider what makes you uncomfortable to do. If you hate to walk, that maybe what you need to be doing. If you hate exercise, try more sex-ercise. Your mate or spouse may like that Idea. In other words, get off your fat butt and get a little busier. The outcome just might surprise you.



The Big day is here. Now, turn down or off your cell phones and spend quality time with your family and friends. If you are alone, go find some people and stop acting like the world has done you a Great dis-service. Unless you are homebound, injail or bed ridden, it is likely mainly your fault you are alone. Suck it up, say I’m sorry and enjoy the season. Remember, CHRISTMAS IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. REMEMBER THAT.

What Is She Looking For In A Man

Single women and some not single, are out in the world working, playing and just living. In this post, I am asking for help. I want to know 10 things women are looking for in a man.

This is a simple question and I want real responses. There are millions of guys out their hoping to gain the attention of a specific woman or type of woman. One of these guys wants to be; YOUR GUY.  This post is designed to offer them a little more help.

Please post your responses in comments. If you want your response kept private, just say so by writing “silent” and it will be between you and me. If it’s really helpful, I’ll find a way to work the suggestion into a future post.

L. M. O’Neal / admin


Many people stood back and watched other people exhibit stupid behavior. Listening to the words spoken and watching their body language shouts, Look at me, I’m stupid”. You can be sure this has happened more times than we can count.

Far too many people engage in less than intelligent activities that make them appear to be stupid, unlearned, have poor manners and in general be “low class”. If the intention was intended to impress or draw positive attention to themselves – they failed. All they have developed is a negative opinion in the mind of others.

There is a huge difference in drawing attention (likes and thumbs ups) on Facebook and gaining the same or similar responses in person. Making a possibly offensive, insulting, ignorant or off color remark is easy to do when no physical injure is at risk. The worst that can happen is someone delivering a top quality Butt Chewing, GI style but, no punch in the nose.

Now consider doing or witnessing any or all of these 10 stupid things happening in public or in your presence.


Very few people want to watch another shove their finger far enough up their nose to tickle their brain while trying to capture a piece of prize winning dry mucus. If it really must be done, us a napkin when picking your nose and do it around the corner from other people.



Methane gas is not one of those preferred aromas by most people. In other words, it stinks. Deliberately “passing gas”, loudly or softer than a whisper is still very bad manners and offensive. It is also a good way to get un-invited or asked to leave.



It may be fashionable and stylish to wear your pants “below your butt cheeks” in some circles but the truth is, few people want to see another person (male or female) showing their underwear. Plus, dirty underwear is even more disgusting and stupid. Pull up your pants and be an adult.



No one wants to hear a man insult the woman with him in public. If she has undesirable habits, public insults will not change her.  It only shows how stupid the guy is.



Children are going to do childish things. For an adult to become insulting and offensive with kids in public, shows the adult to be childish and stupid. If an adult feels a child, not their own charge, is out of hand, take the matter up with the person or people responsible for that child or in charge.



“GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU $%^^ &&* **# +%#CH.”  That was a stupid attitude to have and an equally stupid reaction. The person in the other car or truck can’t hear you and if they could, would you say the same things? If so, you art the stupid one. You are a large part of the problem. Slow down, calm down and just breathe before you react.



Flipping someone the “bird” shows the bird flipper is stupid and only focused on their comfort and conveniences. The bird at the end of someone’s’ fist means “I’M too stupid to talk intelligently.”



If a person is not aware of the differences between “their indoor voice and their outdoor voice”,  be kind enough to tell them. They may thank you. If they know the difference but just want to be heard. They are Stupid. “Who cares about your Rolex Watch”, it will belong to someone else when you die.



People that argue with inanimate objects often appear to be stupid. However, if the object they are arguing with could argue back, would they want to argue with it? A person arguing with their telephone may in fact be stupid or frustrated.



If a person is in the habit of grabbing their crotch in public, are they checking to make sure “their junk” has not run away or fallen off? That is what it looks like to an observer. This is a stupid habit to have and doing it in public just makes a person look desperate and stupid.


We have all done stupid things. The problem arises when we do them repeatedly. Slowing down and taking a moment to inspect our habits and attitudes takes our eyes off of other peoples’ bad habits and refocuses them on our own. We should start by cleaning our own house before inspecting our neighbors.

A Dangerous Season

Spring is a magical time of year, birds are singing, barbecue are firing up and women are showing more skin. Let’s face it, it’s a dangerous time of year also. But, it’s dangerous year round, you say. Yes, but for the unattached, UN-involved and uncommitted have wandering eyes and minds..

Do you recall being passed everyday, on your way to or from work that female dressed like an Eskimo? Soon she will be wearing sun dresses and sandals, a short sun dress. You know, the kind that shows lots of legs.

If you were brave enough to ask what happened to the snow suit, after she told you how ridiculous you are for asking in 70 degree weather, she would likely say because she wants to get some sun. That is partly true, but only partially. She is now in competition mode. She is competing against all the other women for “eye balls”. Guys, she wants your eye balls watching her and, does not want to be made fun of by other women.

Gentlemen, be careful. While you are watching the movement of the designs on her dress, your wife, woman, mate or date is watching you. This could result in her getting offended and you getting SMACKED.

If you are going to look, either do it openly and boldly so you woman knows you are eye balling another woman. She might be the kind that may be willing to point out a few things you had not noticed.

Number two, do it on the sly. This technique is most often used by the committed and the married. It helps keep you, the eye ball-er, from getting into trouble with the MRS.

Number three is the safest by far. Don’t do it. This way if your sweetie ask did you see…, you can honestly say nope, should I have? This way you can learn a little more about the one you are with by how she describe the “other woman”.

Okay guys, its spring time and the fashion show has begun. Enjoy it and be respectful of her and yourself.

Trolling For Trouble


It’s easy to say, “I thought she was over 21”.


This statement is little value when you are facing statutory rape charges. The fact is either

you did not do your home work or simply decided you preferred the young, tender and

ignorant. Let’s make it crystal clear, you did not want a fully grown, mature and challenging

woman, you wanted a child. Jail can help clear your thinking.


Guys, when you’re out trolling for “fresh meat”, keep the above statement in mind. Just

because she looks 21, does not mean she is of legal age. Your are the one that will receive

punishment if she is under aged and engages in sexual activity. Raise your sights, it’s less



Teenage girls work at looking older than their true age. This is an art form that is practiced

practically from birth. Most girls invest hours changing clothes and checking their

appearance in the mirror and with their friends. If it does not appear to suggest the desired

effect, they try on something else. This is a type of playing “dress up”.


If you are wondering at what age it stops, it often never does. Many adult women continue to

engage in this game for decades to come. But as an adult woman, playing dress up would be

for reasons other then looking older. The reasons can range from the right look for a job

interview, the right look for going shopping, to a right look for a particular occasion location,

etc. And, that occasion could include going out on the town. This is where guys must beware.


It is no accident lights are low in nightclubs, they want patrons to see just well enough to order

the next drink, dancers to invite or be invited for the next dance, and those that feel inadequate,

feel a limited ability to blind in. If you select or are selected by a girl, that is not what you

expected, that is your fault. It’s not just the lighting.


One of the most common mistakes is being in “Too Much” of a hurry. Consider this, she has

danced with you much of the night and it looks like you may get lucky. If you are in too much

of a hurry to jump from the dance floor to the bedroom, you may discover later, you’ve jumped

from the frying pan into the fire. Slow down and save yourself from a SMACK later.


Understand something, Women Want To Be Talked To, not talked at. They like to be listened

to also. Take the time to let them talk and be interested in what they are saying. If it’s boring,

tell them and let them change the subject. She might get offended for a minute, but she may

thank you later for not letting her ramble on. However, the rambling is likely to re-occur.


Guys, always remember, it’s not all about you. What you make of it is what matters. If you treat

her the way you want to be treated, she may be interested in a second, third or even forth date.

It’s up to you to figure out if she she’s dangerous or delightful.