They Let Trans Genders Do It

By L. M. O’Neal

Who gives a dead rats rear end what Rachel Dolezal wants to call herself. Liberalism and Progressive Communist in American has tried for years to make the country gender neutral, income neutral, race neutral and every other kind of neutral towards the goal of making all of the world “one big fat nothing, filled with nobodies”. They have done a good job.

Rachel Dolezal may appear white but there was some woman in Congress that claimed to be an American Indian to get a favored grant in college. This puts Rachel in similar company, not necessarily good company.

The left “Liberal Democrats and Republicans” have given support and protection to LBGT agenda and demand ordinary Americans do the same. That is a mistake.

In the United States, the Constitution says one citizen does not have to like, support or approve of any other citizen, that includes the formentioned, the “non-Indian” looks white, Congress woman, Rachel Dolezal or anyone else.

If Rachel wants to call herself “Black”, who cares. She can call herself “the jolly green giant in a skirt”. The real question is, what kind of person is she and what is her intent for doing what she does.

That is the real question, not what she calls herself or what she writes. But, she has written a book or two and wants to get readers. Maybe this is the reason;


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The Democrats Did It

Former President Obama and Clinton made being a low life individual, fashionable and worst of all, acceptable. Just look what they prompted.

Bill Clinton will always be known for implying “oral sex is not sex” and “the Lawinski”. Obama proved how best to start a riot. “The police acted stupidly.”

It appears these are traits and words that connect with the lower public. By lower, I mean, “Those of low moral Standards”, like me. Yes, I can have low moral standards but, I try to keep them in their “seperate but equal cages”.

Both presented themselves as Family loving men and Presidents but, by their actions, one would have to really think about. Doing a little research into these two past Presidencies could reveal a number of flaws we may not want repeated by the current President.

We should ride the new President and Congress just as hard as we did the Democrat versions. And tell the news Media to learn to be Americans First, Fake Journalist Second. People may again trust them some.

Who’s Got Your Back?

NSA does not like accurate but unflatering post. This may not be up long. Let’s wait and see. However, Trump was wire taped and recorded.

By L. M. O’Neal

“Just because you think you are being watched, doesn’t you’re not being watched.” ~L. M. O’Neal~

Who is the NSA “National Security Agency”? This can be explained with the link below. NSA created Nov. 4th, 1952, by President Harry S. Truman came out of the code breaking service of the military during World War II. Yes, the big brains waited nearly 8 years before creating this agency to spy on the American people and gather information.

  1. What does the NSA/CSS do?

NSA/CSS has two interconnected missions: Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Information Assurance (IA). Through SIGINT, we respond to customer requirements for information relating to the plans, intentions, capabilities, and locations of foreign powers, organizations, terrorist groups, or persons, or their agents, who threaten America’s national security. Under Information Assurance, we protect our nation’s vital national security systems and information from theft or damage by others. Taken together, the SIGINT and Information Assurance missions are essential to a third function: enabling computer network operations on behalf of U.S. Cyber Command and other defense partners. In carrying out these critical missions, NSA/CSS saves lives, defends vitals networks, and advances national goals and alliances, all while strictly protecting the privacy rights and civil liberties of the American people.

The National Security Agency/Central Security Service is authorized by Executive Order 12333, National Security Council Intelligence Directive No. 6, and other law and policy direction to conduct SIGINT activities for the purposes of foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, and support to military operations. Authorization for the Information Assurance mission and NSA’s role as National Manager for National Security Systems across the U.S. government is derived from National Security Directive 42 and Executive Order 12333, while numerous Defense Department Directives and Instructions outline NSA’s responsibilities in providing IA support to the Department of Defense.

Unfortunately, it was created under protection of “Section 2 of Article 11 of the United States Constitution.” So what does this mean?

Now President Donald J. Trump could be correct, he was spied on by former President Obama and if he did, it was legal to do so. This is just one avenue available to the Federal Government to monitor all threats both foreign and domestic.

By reading the above link it not hard to understand how evil people in government and in civilian life can remain in power and sell influence. Privacy and security for the public, was sold out in 1957.

Was candidate Donald J. Trump spied on? According to the link above, yes, as was everyone else in the United States and the Fed’s know it.


What Did Obama Do and When Did He Do It

By L. M. O’Neal
When liar’s lies start to come apart, they lie even more to cover the previous ones. President Trump made a series of tweets claiming “Obama wire tapped his phones at Trump Towers”. Obama claims he knows nothing about this. You may read the story at link below.

First of all, Trump has too much too loose if he is lying and has created this out of whole cloth. Making such a statement on tweeter, could bring down his Presidency before it even got started; that is, if it’s a lie.

The real question is for Former President Obama: What Did He Do and When Did He Do It, concerning this entire matter.

Before defenders scream from the roof tops how innocent he is, his Presidential record should be considered.
• Fast and Furious – What did he do and when did he do it.
• Iran nuclear arms pursuits – What did he do and when did he do it.
• Bengasi – What did he do and when did he do it.
• Hillary’s unauthorized “basement private server” – What did he do and when did he do it.

Failure to demand and get answers will be a major mistake for the remainder of the Trump administration. What Obama knew and when he knew it, pales in comparison of importance to What he did and when he did it.

Evil and dirty actions of the Left, Democrats and Liberal Republicans are legendary. However, the ability and willingness of President Trump to tweet directly to the American Public, bypassing the media filters, brings raw meat to the public. His tweets are information the public is in need of and the media despises such direct access by the President to the public.
In fact, the media of all kinds has a growing dislike for the public’s ability to communicate with one another, without their interference.

Back to the issue; Democrats will use anything they can to stay in power, gain power or destroy a rival. In this case the rival is President Trump.
Former President Obama was unlike past Presidents in his rise to the Presidency. He was unlike other Presidents in his appearance; He was said to be a “Black Guy”, that is in question. He was said to have been born in the United States that is in question. He was said to have attended Ivy League Universities, no one has found 10 people that were in the same classes as he. And now, after completing 8 years as POTUS, he sets up an office in Washington, D.C. and appears to be operating a shadow government.

Who is he working with now, Putin or North Korea, China, maybe Iran. Remember, Valarie Jarred is still with him.

It is time to start demanding answers from Obama, Jarred, Hillary and everyone else that loves to hate America. They are easily found by their deeds and their words.

What did he know and when did he know it and What did he do and when did he do it. Get the answers and drain the swarmp.

Is It Extreme Selfishness

By L. M. O’Neal

At what point does political leadership stop being self-serving idiots and start protecting those that put them where they are?

Liberals and the Liberal minded are lining up to oppose President Trumps ban on Illegal Immigration but, he is drawing increasing heat from the Democrats. Read the article link below.

So what country are these people trying to lead and protect? It appears not to be the United States of America. By keeping an open door policy similar to that maintained by Obama, we are inviting more attacks from those who would love to destroy our way of life.

According to the excerpt taken from the above article, we have a group in government, determined to destroy that which they swore to protect.

John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, Bennie Thompson, D-Mass., ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee, Eliot Engle, D-N.Y., ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., the top Democrat on the Judiciary’s immigration panel, all signed off on the letter to Kelly.

Will someone please tell me who these people are working for, and don’t say the American People.

We the People said enough of this on Election Day, but these people didn’t get the memo.

It should be interesting to see how many will accept responsibly when we are struck by the next “Islamic Terrorist”. Will it be one of those they protected or will it be someone that found a way to get in and then attack.





Out of Context; Maybe

By L. M. O’Neal

Madonna says she was taken out of context. Well, is it possible to take “hate speak” out of context? Actually yes however, she doesn’t deny saying “…I have thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”

It’s interesting how defensive the media is when it comes to ridiculing one of their own, and Madonna is a septic, toxic, naked, getting old, singing, lefty. If she loves America so much, would she be willing to match President Trump in the steps he makes to make America Great Again.

Or, will she continue down the pipe like the rest of her “Club of Toilet Matter”. And how is that, the “Club of Toilet Matter” will quickly take money from the public for their Demonic Music, Movies, Art Work and Writings and speak with authority promoting the destruction of America. If America is destroyed, do they think their yearly millions and billions of dollars will continue coming in?

Madonna’s comments and statement was taken out of context, almost. Listen to it yourself and make your own decision.

Keep in mind, she is an aging pop star and Michael Moore is getting older and possibly fatter but, does that matter? Michael Moore and Madonna have gotten rich off of those willing to buy what they are offering. With Trump as President, pool of happy payers may or will shrink, leaving them to take less money.

No matter how her speech is viewed, she committed a crime with what she said; I think they called it “Hate Speech”. If no action is taken against her, no one else should ever face any type of prosecution for threatening anyone or anyplace, for any reason.



Not Performing For Trump

By L. M. O’Neal

Exactly how valuable are entertainers to the world?

Entertainment is an industry that should be focused on capturing, amusing and distracting those wishing to be entertained. So, when did it become a worship item for the public to hang on every word, and heartbeat of those engaged in the arts of make believe and distraction.

If it were not for people buying tickets to their events, buying their music, and paraphernalia, they would be broke or doing something else for their livelihood. Yet, some place along the line, the public made them into gods.

In case it has not been noticed, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Prince and many others are still dead. They are not and were not gods, they were human. And now, we have entertainers demanding and getting center stage for their anti-American “political opinions”.

Hillary had every liberal performer she could get booked, performing on her behalf to become President of the United States but, she lost to Trump. Now, many of those same performers are refusing to perform at Trump’s Inauguration.  It’s not about them or the political party. It’s about the people that makeup this country.

Entertainers, singers, dancers and the like may refuse to perform, or protest and boycott President Elect Trump’s Inaugural ceremony but, what would it be like for those very same performers if and when their sales drop. What would it be like if no one came to see their performances? How long would their fame and fortune continue without the support of their poorly informed fans? They would evaporate like steam rising into the night only to dissipate into nothing and nobody. Many will know what this means when attention is moved from the old and their nakedness and obscenities, to the new and more conservative.

It may be wise for them to listen to the words of “The Last Dance”, by Donna Summers, or I think that’s who made it famous. Sorry but, today’s famous entertainers are already slipping my mind.