The Democrats Did It

Former President Obama and Clinton made being a low life individual, fashionable and worst of all, acceptable. Just look what they prompted.

Bill Clinton will always be known for implying “oral sex is not sex” and “the Lawinski”. Obama proved how best to start a riot. “The police acted stupidly.”

It appears these are traits and words that connect with the lower public. By lower, I mean, “Those of low moral Standards”, like me. Yes, I can have low moral standards but, I try to keep them in their “seperate but equal cages”.

Both presented themselves as Family loving men and Presidents but, by their actions, one would have to really think about. Doing a little research into these two past Presidencies could reveal a number of flaws we may not want repeated by the current President.

We should ride the new President and Congress just as hard as we did the Democrat versions. And tell the news Media to learn to be Americans First, Fake Journalist Second. People may again trust them some.