Did She Like It

It is now a day or two after Christmas and things are a little cool between “your main squeeze” and you. In fact, she is down right “Pissed”. Now, why do you think that is?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out, you probably screwed up on her gift. Yo’ Dude. Were you listening? Didn’t you catch her hints? How many times did she “uh and ah” over a piece of jewelry, blouse, pair of shoes or something else you would rather take table salt in the eye, than be caught buying.

If you missed her signals and she did not miss yours, you are an ignoramus. If not an ignoramus, then at least an idiot.

How could you not pay attention to the woman you are suppose to be in LOVE with. Did you forget she was not your pet but, is in fact your wife or significant other. Well, you are in the DOG HOUSE big time.

Don’t feel alone – you are not. Many of us men are in there with you. It seems most of us can not get all the desired gifts right. In fact, we are usually off the mark some of the time.

In a future post I will discuss ways to get out of the dog house and off the sofa. I myself have a special pillow and blanket just for the sofa which I will be using for a while. I too missed the mark this Christmas. “Baby it’s cold outside.”