They Let Trans Genders Do It

By L. M. O’Neal

Who gives a dead rats rear end what Rachel Dolezal wants to call herself. Liberalism and Progressive Communist in American has tried for years to make the country gender neutral, income neutral, race neutral and every other kind of neutral towards the goal of making all of the world “one big fat nothing, filled with nobodies”. They have done a good job.

Rachel Dolezal may appear white but there was some woman in Congress that claimed to be an American Indian to get a favored grant in college. This puts Rachel in similar company, not necessarily good company.

The left “Liberal Democrats and Republicans” have given support and protection to LBGT agenda and demand ordinary Americans do the same. That is a mistake.

In the United States, the Constitution says one citizen does not have to like, support or approve of any other citizen, that includes the formentioned, the “non-Indian” looks white, Congress woman, Rachel Dolezal or anyone else.

If Rachel wants to call herself “Black”, who cares. She can call herself “the jolly green giant in a skirt”. The real question is, what kind of person is she and what is her intent for doing what she does.

That is the real question, not what she calls herself or what she writes. But, she has written a book or two and wants to get readers. Maybe this is the reason;


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