What You Gonna’ Do

Springtime has arrived, now what are you going to do about those extra pounds? You could try dieting, for the ten-thousandth time. Think it might work? Maybe, but only if you change a few of your eating habits like, cut out the junk food. How about eating one less meal a day? Not even I like skipping meals, so let’s skip that idea.

How about walking a little more? You do understand, we are a ride society. If the store is a half block away, we are likely to jump in the car to go 3000 feet. Get off you fat buns and walk.

But, what if it kills me or makes me sick? If walking a half block makes you sick, you were sick before you started because you should have been doing that before. But, back to food.

We adults over 40, can not eat as though we were 20. No matter the sex, we have changed and do not process food the same as we always did. The higher up the age latter we get, the closer we must watch how and what we eat. A seafood diet is not a SEE FOOD AND EAT IT DIET.

Not all foods will digest well with all people. If something is not digesting well with you, stop eating it. The people around you would really appriciate it.

Take a few minutes and consider what makes you uncomfortable to do. If you hate to walk, that maybe what you need to be doing. If you hate exercise, try more sex-ercise. Your mate or spouse may like that Idea. In other words, get off your fat butt and get a little busier. The outcome just might surprise you.